Who is A76?

A76 is a unique boutique dedicated to making stories that really move. We love when we move pictures with our art, but we love it more when we move peoples’ hearts.

When Duffy Higgins started A76 productions in New York City he channeled years of experience as a film director, creative producer and independent artist into a one stop dream shop: a production house where brands and clients, visionaries and artists could make stories come to life.

Our style? Out of the box doesn’t even begin to describe it. We tap into our collective appetite for going beyond the beyond. With full service facilities for film, video and photography, A76 is a creative services company focused on forging emotional connections between author and audience, between brand and buyer, between lens and the image.

Our comprehensive menu of services can take you from the inception of an idea to the execution of a fully directed, produced, designed, scripted, costumed, packaged story. We are able to guide you in all areas of production from creative development to post-production– working with industry-leading professionals whose impeccable credentials compliment meticulous attention to the creative process. Each project gets a top notch team, focused on delivering top-shelf results.

Here we go!
(and May the force be with you!)